History of PegWay Moving

PegWay Moving and Junk Removal is a full service moving and junk removal company based out of Surprise, AZ. Starting in 2007.

Jessica and Jacoby had a vision to provide an all around moving service that would be a unique experience. Jessica and Jacoby already had a transportation company "Pegway Transport" and decided to expand into the moving business. Both had bad experience with moving companies as they have relocated twice from Saint Louis, MO to Atlanta, GA, then Atlanta, Ga to Surprise, AZ. After those experiences they took action. With a passion for customer service and problem solving Pegway Moving and Junk Removal would be one of the only moving companies of its kind. The main focus of this company is to "Focus on the Move" and offer our clients the best services to complete the move.

In addition to local and regional moving services we offer junk removal. This is what separates us from the other companies. Our clients do not want to take items that they feel are no longer valuable to them with them on their move. We send a junk removal unit to get rid of the clutter. Its much easier for a client to rest easy knowing that they don't have to think about the move Pegway does the thinking for you.

Our Team

Everyone is different, and no two moves are ever the same. That’s why we offer a variety of local moving services—so we can tailor your moving experience to suit your needs.

Our team members are all experienced packers, who know what they’re doing. They are a friendly and efficient team who are trained to provide the best service possible, and minimise any stress associated with your move. The team is often complimented on their professionalism and pleasant attitude. They are also consulted with in major decisions, where their opinions are valued highly. We currently operate with a multitude of Movers and packers, some of which have been with the company for over 5 years, a testament to how much the team loves working for PegWay Moving and Junk Removal.

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